3 Spring Trend Secrets From The Best Dressed Scandi Girls


If you have ever glanced at a road fashion roundup, you have undoubtedly encountered a familiar scene:

In I’ve also included pieces by Rotate in addition to other Scandinavian brands which reveal such as Remain Birger Christensen, Ganni, Stine Goya, Rains, and Munthe.

1. It’s about Orange

“For spring, our primary color is unquestionably Orange,” Valdimars and Friis Madsen told Who Wear. “We feel as if it has been sort of a deserted stone, which will be prepared to be really brought out in sunlight and on the dancing floor. Generally, we will be wearing plenty of colours this year: purple.

2. Invest into a Leather Trench Coat

“Danish girls are becoming more and more Daring, thus we think we’ll see a great deal of leather trench coats,” Valdimars and Madsen informed us. “We have been through multiple variants of this leather coat, therefore we feel it is time to make it even more dramatic.”

3. Belt Your Own Party Dresses

“It is all in the details. An wonderful belt having an eye-catching buckle can elevate your party dress,” the duo informed us.

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