5 Fashion Trends To Leave In 2019 And 5 To Embrace In 2020


There is no better time enhance your style and to purge your cupboard.

Ugly sneakers

Fantastic riddance to the ugly apparel fetish of Instagram. Although daddy shoes dominated the road fashion scene, they’ve hit on their expiration date and we are officially willing to say”Thank you, next.” Ditch the shoes to get a flattering shape.

Bike shorts

But not sorry. Say farewell to those boys that are bad that are body-con unless you led into the gym.

Padded headbands


Admit it, stone this tendency and you need to channel your Blair Waldorf. Do not let temptation to take over.

Tiny sunglasses

Dubbed the greatest”cool woman accessory,” obnoxiously tiny sunglasses have stuck around for long . This year, let us make a pact to invest.

Transparent Bags

Almost as simple as the miniature bag (do not worry, we are not bashing the micro tote ) Bags miss the mark. If you invest some time the clutch might be adorable? And what’s more, why are you currently tripping too little solitude?


Whether you go all out having a strength pantsuit or game a blazer, suiting is a wardrobe staple for any girl supervisor.

Animal print

From snake into zebra ring in the New Year print.

Puff sleeve

We swooning over the shape that gained traction. This detail has the capability.


Inspired by grandma’s design also make it style. Slouchy fashions and knitwear are adorable and comfortable .

Monochromatic outfits

From winter whites to chocolate and caramel browns, neutrals are elegant. Make your mark at 2020 using a moment that is monochromatic that is significant.

Angela Ayala
Angela Ayala

Angela is the Editor and the founder for the Fashionicism. I love to share the latest fashion trends from all around the world before anyone.

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