6 2020 Beauty Trends To Make Most Glam One Yet


Can we still say fly in 2020? Asking for a friend. Regardless, there are a great deal so you’ve got them down pat by the time January rolls around.

Last but not least are about doing the most. Go big or go home? Nope, visit the salon, and ask for origins a la singer Billie Eilish. Or, play it marginally safer with a maxi bow or padded headband. To get the scoop on all the above and more, check out the full trend lineup below:

Bows Are Back

Don’t worry, your newfound love for headbands is socially acceptable, but to bows, they will take a backseat in 2020. Be they similar to this maxi bows worn with the Spring/Summer 2020 models of Annakiki, or as minimalist as the simple ribbons tied at the Giambattista Valli series around models’ hair, any bow will do just fine.

Unique Color Combos

Start Looking for powder duos, like the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter in”Mimosa Sunrise/ Sangria Sunset” ($36, Sephora) which can be used on the eyes to create colorful contrast:

Bold Roots

The past decade of hair was all about a ombre appearance, with darker roots and milder ends. Nevertheless, Billie Eilish’s slime-colored strands play a significant part in inspiring 2020’s announcement roots color trend.

If you don’t foresee a Rainbow Brite looks in your future, worry not.

Padded Headbands

These infants tend to give off tiara vibes — especially when bedazzled, which we all know Lele Sadoughi does best — making them a little more intense than other casual headband styles. They began to gain traction towards the end of 2019, and you may expect to see them thriving well into the new year.

Glossy, Not Sparkly

Not sorry, it’s time to throw those away highlighters that are super-sparkly, and ditch the chunky glitter glosses, too.

After all, who would not like to glow like the models about the Chanel Spring/Summer 2020 runway?

Embellished Strands

The move in 2020 is to embellish your own hair while you tried to glue as gems around your eyes in 2019. Models at Bibhu Mohapatra, Alice + Olivia, and Andrew Gn 2020 reveals all featured models with strands decked out in pearls and rhinestones, not courtesy of barrettes, but straight on the hair.

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