What Were The Most Important Trends And Fashion Moments In 2019


Trend search engine Lyst has analyzed the fashion trends, celebrities, moments, brands, products and collaborations of 2019.

In line with the research engine platform 104 million shoppers started their style hunt at Lyst at 2019. The worldwide fashion search engine has analyzed website visits, the search queries and sales of six million fashion items from over stores.

Sustainable fashion and resale topics popular than ever

The results showed that searches for style have risen by 75% with an average of 27,000 searches each month. Compared 2018, this figure was 47 percent, with. The sustainable Rowe jeans from Weekday was the bestselling jeans of Lyst in 2019. Sneakers and sustainable denim were the product categories. Searches for sustainable substances improved; 130% for Repreve, 102 percent more for Econyl, 52 percent for natural cotton and 42 percent for Tencel.

Streetwear products in great demand

The Oversized Sneaker  by Alexander McQueen is the most popular sneaker of the year. Shoppers spent an average of 174 on new shoes this year, 39% more than. Off-White is the year’s most sought-after brand and , along with Ikea, leads the list of their collaborations. The logo of the entire year is Fendi Zucca logo. The GG’s belt is the version that has emerged nine times from the last index in the previous couple of decades.

Most mentioned post of the year

The year’s viral fashion thing is that the dotted Zara dress for $40. The apparel is the article of the year. In only a couple of months it mentions of Zara from the media exploded by 1,392 % and had its own account on Instagram. By July onward, the demand for dresses was 120% higher than at the last months.

Fastest growing new

Bottega Veneta leads the list of the fastest growing brands of the year and forced it into the top 20 of the Lyst indicator for the first time this season. Requirement for the accessories of the label increased by 53% year-on-year. The belt ranks third.

Largest fashion trends in 2019

– Romanticism: Pearl bags, tulle skirts, babydoll dresses and playing with proportions

– Psychedelic: neon green, batik, psychedelic motifs and teak colours

– Cult Girl Summer: Brave prairie dresses–the most rural Americana fashion

– Survival artists: cargo trousers, vests and trekking boots

-’90s fashion: heel shoes with square lace, slide dresses and Fendis baguette pocket

– Streetwear: unisex fashion, bucket hats, shoes, logos and Gucci belts

– Figure-shaping revolution: biking trousers, bodysuits and shaping underwear

– Record cuts: By brief suits to”oversize” blazers.

Kylie Jenner gets dethroning

This season Meghan Markle went up two positions knocked Kylie Jenner off the throne and made it to the peak of the record of the style icons. The Duchess’ outfits spark an average of 216% increase in searches for items. Duchess Kate didn’t make it in the Top 10 list this year . Second place went to Timothée Chalamet, followed closely by Zendaya (third position ). For the very first time, a part of a K-Pop band made it into the ranking: Lisa out of Blackpink even overtook Kylie Jenner (seventh place) and took sixth position following Cardi B (fifth place).

Aggregating over 6 million fashion things from 12,000 of the world’s top fashion brands and stores, Lyst offers the largest stock of contemporary and luxury fashion on a source of international fashion data plus the Web. Let’s objective is to supply 104 million consumers a year with an overview of fashion brands and retailers’ online offerings.

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